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We've got your back with ZebraCare+

Enjoy peace of mind when you buy ZebraCare+ with Theft and Loss for Zebra. Every Zebra comes with 6-month of hardware repair coverage through its limited warranty. ZebraCare+ with Theft and Loss extends that coverage and gives you additional features such as routine maintenance, accidental damage protection, and theft and loss protection.

Riding behavior in this video is for promotional purposes only, please check your local laws for where to ride before entering the road. Please note the model shown is not the e-bike model for sale.

We’re out to end the car-centric paradigm

by making clean and efficient transportation available to everyone. Our goal is to help build a future filled with more livable, lovable cities.

Extra Storage & Comfort

Safety and Visibility

Clearly Sporty

Stay Local, Stay Electric


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I'll never even think about owning a car again since getting a Zebra!

Amy, Santa Monica, 37

The amount of money I'm saving on Uber and Lyft is insane. Zebra is perfect for quick local trips. 

Jackson, Scottsdale, 24

So happy Zebra partnered with Affirm! Low monthly payments has made owning a Zebra so easy and affordable.

Elijah, Newport Beach, 29