we're Zebra. It's nice to meet you!

Zebra is the multi-purpose, electric utility bike designed to make all of your transportation dreams a reality. Perfect for local commuting and errands, navigating city streets, and exploring the back roads.

For Riders

A Better Way
The most affordable and liberating way to get around the city.

For Community

A Lovable Perk
An affordable, life-enhancing solution that benefits my team, community members, and my organization.

For the Environment

A Fierce Advocate
Clean air is cool, let’s keep it! Zebra is 100% electric with 0 carbon emissions.

Join us in helping to eliminate 100 million car trips

By doing so, we can eliminate 4.25 million tons of C02

Now that we’ve met, take a look around, meet our Zebras, see them in action, and let us know what you think!