Service and support from the people
who know your Zebra best

Because Zebra services thousands of our custom made bikes and have replacement parts in stock, our experts understand how everything works together and can help resolve most issues quickly.

Only $19.99 per month

Enjoy peace of mind when you buy ZebraCare+ with Theft and Loss for Zebra.

Only $19.99 per month

Every Zebra comes with 6-month of hardware repair coverage through its limited warranty. ZebraCare+ with Theft and Loss extends that coverage with additional features such as routine maintenance, accidental damage protection, theft and loss protection.

Priority access to Zebra experts by chat.

2 incidents of accidental damage protection every 12 months.

1 incident of theft or loss coverage per address every 12 months.

Services fees and deductibles at a glance

ZebraCare+ Theft and Loss Coverage Without ZebraCare+

Mobile App

Keyless Entry FREE N/A
Family Share FREE N/A
Enhanced Navigation FREE N/A
Warranty Up to 24 months 6 months limited

Accidental Damage Service fee

Motor $199 $599
Battery $349 $899
Any other minor accidental damage $29 From $99
Any other major accidental damage $99 From $249

Theft and Loss Deductible

Replacement Zebra due to frame damage, total loss and theft.
Replace with New Zebra $750 + shipping $2599 + shipping
Replace with refurbished Zebra $450 + shipping $1999 + shipping